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Athletic Coaching for Runners

Pursue your highest potential, no matter what level you are at

Run Expression coaching aims to improve how we move, think, and feel. It’s a unique and individualized approach to help you achieve your running goals (and feel good doing it).

The Run Expression Approach

Generic training plans and templates are good starting points, but they are not an effective way too fully express our potential. At Run Expression, we tailor training to fit our life, our body, and our mind. By understand ourselves, what we want to accomplish, and our unique limitations, we are more likely to spend time on things that get us where we really want to go.

A four-stage cycle is used as a basis for training and education:

  1. Begin with the End — Figure out what you want to achieve and why it matters
  2. Know Yourself — Assess where you are at and where your biggest limiters exist
  3. Plan & Train — Tailor training to progress safely to new limits
  4. Connect — Celebrate, share, and support with your community

The Expression Athletic Cycle is not a one-time process. It’s a cycle that repeats throughout the year, allowing new learnings, skills, techniques, and connections to build proficiency and enjoyment.

Working With Coach Brock

Working directly with a coach takes much of the time and guesswork out of the process, allowing you to focus on your training and feel more confident about your athletic expression.

Coaching Options

The Full Run Expression Experience

Runner's Toolkit

  • Athlete’s get access to The Runner’s Toolkit, a membership site and community that offers a wealth of running resources.
  • Learn new skills, exercises, workouts, and training approaches.
  • Access over a hundred hours of video instruction available.
  • Join an exclusive athlete forum for interacting with coaches and other runners.

Coaching subscriptions for 1:1 athlete guidance

  • For athletes who desire the confidence and convenience that comes with 1:1 with coaching.
  • We offer several options ranging from training plan assistance to daily check-ins.

Athlete courses — in-person and online

  • In-person clinics and practices provide direct learning from coaches.
  • Online courses allow you to learn and progress at your own pace and time.

Team Run Xpress

  • For athletes wanting to train, race, and socialize with other runners.
  • Team members share their training and racing experiences to gain valuable feedback and celebrate successes.
  • Special offers from partners, sponsors, and on team gear.

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