Gain confidence, accelerate success

A coach should be fully committed to your needs, helping you stay focused what matters most, avoid potential pitfalls, and adapt to the inevitable setbacks that occur. We believe in providing more than just workouts and training plans. Our coaches educate and expand your understanding of athletics, your body, and your mind.

We value people first, mindset second, and performance third. We hope to elevate you to new levels of athletic expression as measured by long-term satisfaction, confidence, and meaning. Of course we also aim for progressive improvements in race performance.

Coaching Services

Training Plan Setup
$150 (one-time)
Together we create a personalized training plan to meet your goals
Monthly 1:1 Coaching
$195 per month
Full-service coaching with ongoing monitoring, adjusting, and education
$75 per hour
Coaching education and services tailored to your needs

Coaching your way

Rather than provide the same service to everyone, I like to understand your unique needs, aspirations, and boundaries so we can come up with a coaching service that is right for you.
About the Coach`

Brock Butler

Brock Butler is an athletic coach and competitor focusing on running events from 1-mile track races up to 100-mile ultra marathons. He has recently won the 40+ masters division at the Philly Marathon (2017), Blues Cruise 50K trail race (2017), USATF Masters 3000m Indoor Nationals (2018), and Cherry Blossom 10 mile race (2018). Brock’s passion is helping athletes of all ages gain satisfaction and confidence by fully expressing their potential as a runner. He started Run Expression and Team Run Xpress to provide athlete education, coaching services, and a social community in the Philly region.
Brock Butler
Brock Butler
Head Coach
About Brock It can be challenging to push the limits of running performance while maintaining whole life balance and satisfaction. I’ve lived and continue to struggle with the challenge of exploring my limits while making a living, taking care of a family, coping with stress, and having a life...
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Chester Springs, PA